Veselina Nikolova–Sidiki has a master’s degree for an engineer with 19 years of experience in the design of structures. She graduated Vasil Drumev High School of Natural Science and Mathematics, Mathematics section in her native town Veliko Tarnovo in 1990 with excellent grades and after that the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia in 1997, Structural engineering specialty with very good grades.

Immediately after her graduation, until 2014, she worked in NIKEL design bureau, Veliko Tarnovo, where she gained precious experience in designing of reinforced concrete, steel, wood structure of residential, public and industrial buildings. She has considerable experience in the investigation, strengthen and the restoration of existing buildings and facilities.

She works with the Bulgarian norm for design and the Euronorm (Eurocodes), she uses calculative and graphic programmes. She attends courses, seminars, national and international conferences, organized by the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design about design under Eurocodes, building in seismic regions, assessment and retrofitting of existing buildings.

Major projects: Communally servicing and residential buildings with underground parking lots for cars; a steel hall with a crane 25 tons for the production of reinforced concrete products. Reservoirs for spirit keeping – a steel structure, Sugar factories in the town of Gorna Oryahovitza; Concrete mixing station, Veliko Tarnovo; High masts for a mobile operator - a steel structure; a lot of retrofitting and restorations of buildings.

A member of the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design (CEID), Full designer’s qualification – Structural Engineering; Checking of structural projects